Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day Three - Breakfast

Dr. Bill Frist (former Senate Majority Leader) makes an appearance at breakfast this morning
Our friends, Dan and Jane Hardin, visit with Senator Corker Our great Senator, Bob CorkerSenator Lamar Alexander introduces Mike Huckabee
Gov. Huckabee and his former campaign manager Chip Saltsman still stick together
Our favorite Republican, Gov. Mike Huckabee!
Gov. Huckabee urges party unity...
...and tells some great jokes!We were disappointed that Huckabee's escort took him out a side door before anyone could speak to him. Melissa was able to visit with Mrs. Janet Huckabee at the convention last evening and she remembered her!
Melissa, Mr. Bruce Saltsman (Chip's father) and Congressman Zach Wamp listen to speakers
After Gov. Huckabee, Mark Shriver (brother-in-law of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger) spoke to the delegation on behalf of his organization, Save The Children.

Day Two

Fox News' huge tent in front of the Xcel Center
Fox's huge TV screen outside of the Center

Before tonight's session
Republican House Leader John Boehner (Chairman of the 2008 Convention) calls the convention session to order
I took this picture from the club level while the official photograph of the convention was being taken Karl Rove on the O'Reilly Factor

This is Nikki and her father. Nikki was brought to the United States by Mrs. McCain and adopted by the McCain's friends. A video about Teddy Roosevelt
Cindy and Bridget McCain

Former President and First Lady George and Barbara Bush arrive in time to watch their son and daughter-in-law address the convention
Members of the media are everywhere
CNN's political team

We both had a chance to be on the floor tonight. This shot of Laura Bush was as close as I could get. It is terribly crowded down on the floor. I love this lady!
With the Tennessee delegation on the floor. This is Senator Bob Corker and Congressman Zach Wamp.
The President speaks (via satellite) He was great!

Fred Thompson gave a fabulous speech
Joe Lieberman
The VIP seating area

Cindy McCain, George H.W. and Barbara Bush and Fred Thompson are on the front row, with 4 of the McCain kids and their grandmother behind them.
You can watch videos of the speeches at